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That’s Good Eatin’

Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans on a fresh-baked roll
Chicken Wings

5pc: $5.99, 10pc: $9.99, 25pc: $19.99
BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, or Teriyaki w/celery and blue cheese dressing
Smokehouse Burritos

Smoked Salmon & Egg, Codfish with Cranberry Tartar Sauce and Cabbage,
Pulled Pork with Baked Beans


Dave’s Cape Cod Smokehouse is the home of all natural hickory-smoked meats, poultry and locally caught New England seafood. Dave Reese, a professional chef and restaurateur in both the U.S. and Europe has been smoking food in great traditional fashion for forty years. His smoking recipes, painstakingly developed over many years, produce some of the tastiest and healthiest smoked delicacies available anywhere.

Located on Cape Cod in picturesque Harwich, Massachusetts, Dave’s Cape Cod Smokehouse offers its array of smoked meats, poultry and seafood to the public at retail and at Farmers’ Markets all throughout southeastern Massachusetts. Find out what some of New England’s pickiest barbecue hounds are so excited about.

Dave’s Pedigree

Our BBQ is based on family recipes from Memphis, Tennessee dating back over 100 years. Memphis-style BBQ is dry-rubbed and hickory-smoked to perfection using all natural herbs and spices. Our smoked fish is salt-water brined with natural herbs and spices and slowly hickory-smoked to 145° F.

Smoked Fish & Shellfish

Dave’s beautifully flavored all natural hickory smoked low-salt bluefish, codfish and salmon are guaranteed to please your palate. Our bluefish, cod and salmon are fresh from sustainable fisheries and offer beautiful texture and color.

New Bedford, MA is the scallop capital of America. Dave uses only top quality sea scallops, harvested from New England waters by local fisherman using environmentally sound and sustainable fisheries practices. Our proprietary smoking method makes each scallop a plump, sweet, and unforgettable flavorful taste delight.

Smoked Fish Spreads and Pâtés

Dave’s Cape Cod Smokehouse also offers a delicious array of all natural and gluten-free smoked fish pâtés and spreads in a variety of flavors. Ideal for any sort of dining, from idle noshing to formal entertainment, yet respectful of the dietary concerns of your guests.

Choose from Codfish Pâté with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Bluefish Spread, and Spicy Smoked Salmon Spread.

Smoked Meat & Poultry

All our pork, beef, and poultry is smoked and grilled, never boiled or steamed. We use natural smoke from from aged hickory, and a dry rub recipe from Dave’s Memphis-born great-grandmother.

We create bone-deep flavor by vacuum-tumbling our ribs, chicken and pork with our legendary dry rub, then slow-cooking in a self-basting rotisserie smoker.

We also smoke and deep-fry turkeys, chickens, and hams. Available from October to December, or year-round if you call ahead.

All our sauces and side dishes are homemade from family recipes.

Secrets from a Legend

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